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About St. Louis Blues Autographed Sticks


When you think of hockey sticks, does it ever occur to you that they are manufactured taking into account the length of the handle, the angle of the blade and even the curve of the blade? Well, there is a lot about hockey sticks that you do not and maybe even need not know. However, reading up on it gives you an insight of how accurate the manufacture is. This will also prompt you to probably think of getting a hockey stick signed by your favorite player for yourself.
For any hockey player, his stick and the puck may be the most important things. As long as his legs are strong to skate and he can handle the stick well, he can be an outstanding player. And for a goaltender, his stick is his third hand. Many a times, a puck is stopped by the stick. This is kept in consideration when a goaltender’s stick is made.
The goaltender’s stick is wider in the lower half, the blade is more curved and the angle at which the blade is positioned is much smaller than a regular stick. If you are interested to know more, try buying a Patrik Berglund St. Louis Blues Signed Stick Coa stick and a Grant Fuhr Autographed Hockey Stick. While the former was a centre for the St Louis Blues, the latter was a goaltender for the same team.
Earlier hockey sticks were made of wood such as maple or willow. It then graduated to ash and other hardwood. Currently, composite materials such as carbon fiber and fiberglass are used. 

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