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About San Diego Chargers Football Slabbed Autographed Cards

 Do you want to start a collection of Dan Fouts autographed football helmets? If you do, then it will be better to start your research task as soon as now. By doing so, you will have the advantage of selecting newly added items in stores where such items are available.
In every season, new items are being added in the selection of items offered in memorabilia stores. As such, one of the items you might find there includes those from the 2005 season. In relation to that, during the NFL Draft in 2005, among the players that the team drafted was Shawne Merriman, a linebacker. Then there was Luis Castillo. As the season began, the team started without the presence of Antonio Gates, their tight end. Gates did not become a part of the starting season since he was suspended for holding out during the training camp.
It was the season when Tomlinson made an 18-game touchdown while Kaedling encountered a field-goal blocked, but returned for a touchdown. The team made it to playing with other more teams. But, when it came to playing against the Chiefs, the Charges eventually lose the game. Tomlinson was already injured then. When the season finale game was finished, the result was a loss against the Broncos when Brees dislocated a shoulder during the end of the season.  It was Brees last season with the team.
If you want to acquire some remembrance from the team during this season, browsing through San Diego Chargers football plaques and photos is recommended.  
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