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About New York Yankees Autographed Baseball Cards

Before becoming the Yankees, the team spent its early years first as the Baltimore Orioles. Even though it was a struggle before the team was founded, it was still a fortunate thing that the team was founded. And, that means being nicknamed as the Orioles.
As the Orioles, the team started playing in 1901. At the time, John McGraw both served as part owner as well as manager of the team. Came 1902 season, a feud between McGraw and Johnson took place. That resulted with McGraw secretly jumping to the New York Giants. The feud between the two even resulted to the AL taking control of team.
Soon, a peace conference was made between the involved leagues. Johnson made a request during the conference. The request involved putting an AL team in New York and be allowed to play along the Giants. The result was that to make a decision, a votation was held. Out of the 16 major league owners, 15 of them agreed to make way for the request. The only one who did not vote was the owner of the Giants franchise itself, John T. Brush. With the effort of the new owners of the Orioles, Frank J. Farrell as well as William S. Devery, a location for a ballpark was found and the team was moved to New York.
That was such a history for the Yankees. Fortunately, they are now firmly established. For fans interested to own Yankees memorabilia, there are lots to choose from. Among those are New York Yankees best sellers and Derek Jeter autographed baseball jerseys.
If you want a wider selection, include New York Yankees autographed MLB figurines and Derek Jeter autographed baseball photos on the list. Then, make your choice.
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