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About Sonny Jurgensen Autographed Memorabilia & Collectibles

Historical Milestones

Sonny Jurgensen is one of the league’s most renowned NFL quarterbacks and greatest pure passers. The talent as born in 1934 in Wilmington, North Carolina. His high school and his collegiate career both showed tremendous potential, such potential that would soon allow him to earn countless professional honors and awards. In high school, he was a star QB, among playing other positions as well and other sports too. He played college football at Duke University and made a lasting role as a defensive back with his interceptions.

It wasn’t long before Sonny Jurgensen’s collegiate success transitioned to the pro league. After being selected in the fourth round by the Philadelphia Eagles in the 1957 NFL Draft, he immediately was on the route to fame. The Hall of Famer played for a total of 18 seasons with both the Philadelphia Eagles and the Washington Redskins. Jurgensen’s legacy started with the Eagles in 1957. He immediately emerged as one of the league’s most recognized passers, winning multiple NFL passing crowns. Three years after his start with the team, Jurgensen played a key role in helping the Eagles win the 1960 NFL Championship. His career awards and lasting achievements include being the 1967 NFL leader for passes, a part of the NFL 1960s All-Decade Team, a two-time NFL passing touchdowns leader, and a five-time league passing yards leader. No matter what the occasion or level of pressure, Sonny Jurgensen always played with such honor and hunger that would allow him to achieve greatness. His passing skills and precision make him, according to Vince Lombardi, the best quarterback that he has ever seen. Sonny Jurgensen was inducted into the Philadelphia Eagles Hall of Fame and the Washington Redskins Ring of Fame, forever leaving a lasting legacy.

Take home a piece of legendary history with the purchase of any Sonny Jurgensen memorabilia and commemorate the talent of one of the league’s most prominent QBs to have ever played the game. With a variety of authentic photos, one can capture Jurgensen’s history, the Eagles’ history, the Redskins’ history, and the NFL’s history all with the purchase of a guaranteed authentic Sonny Jurgensen autographed photo, football, or helmet. All autographed Sonny Jurgensen memorabilia will preserve the talent of Sonny Jurgensen and ensure that the legend will forever be remembered, as he was one of the greatest football players of all time. Sonny Jurgensen sports memorabilia is heavily valued and sought after. Our Sonny Jurgensen collectibles are guaranteed authentic and are continuing to increase in worth. Signed Sonny Jurgensen memorabilia are unique and rare offerings that are hard to find and quick to go. Sonny Jurgensen memorabilia is a valuable investment that will allow you to cherish this Hall of Famer’s lasting impact.

Collecting Sonny Jurgensen Memorabilia

Sonny Jurgensen Autographed Photos: An autographed Sonny Jurgensen photo is a constant reminder of his advancement for the game. All autographed Sonny Jurgensen photos are of the highest quality and feature shots that will forever be a strong reminder of his prominent career. Our autographed Sonny Jurgensen photos showcase the history of the league and are always guaranteed to be 100% authentic. Sonny Jurgensen autographed photos represent his achievements and insight that have made an impact on the sport.
Sonny Jurgensen Autographed Photos
Sonny Jurgensen Autographed Jerseys: Signed Sonny Jurgensen autographed jerseys are a great addition to any sports collection. With an incredibly diverse selection of 100% authentic Sonny Jurgensen autographed jerseys, our collection allows you to take home a piece of football history. These jerseys are rare, unique, and a must-have for any true fan.
Sonny Jurgensen Autographed Jerseys
Sonny Jurgensen Autographed Footballs: Whether it’s for you or your friend, one of our Sonny Jurgensen guaranteed authentic autographed footballs is an outstanding sports gift for anyone. A signed Sonny Jurgensen football is a rare and authentic memory that will continue to grow in worth. Shop our unique Sonny Jurgensen footballs now before they are gone.
Sonny Jurgensen Autographed Footballs
Sonny Jurgensen Autographed Helmets: Our certified Sonny Jurgensen autographed helmets are a valuable addition to any sports memorabilia collection. A signed helmet is a unique collectible that is rare to find and quick to go. Our Sonny Jurgensen autographed helmets are consistently increasing in value and are certified authentic.
Sonny Jurgensen Autographed Helmets
Sonny Jurgensen Autographed Mini Helmets: Autographed Sonny Jurgensen mini helmets are guaranteed to be 100% authentic. They are not only hard to find, but are increasing in value each and every day. Our very own Sonny Jurgensen autographed mini helmets are a must-have for any fan that wishes to cherish both the history of Sonny Jurgensen and the league itself.
Sonny Jurgensen Autographed Mini Helmets

Sonny Jurgensen Memorabilia

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