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About Rudy Ruettiger Autographed Memorabilia & Collectibles

Historical Milestones

The story of the former Notre Dame defensive end, Rudy Ruettiger has become one of the most well-known underdog stories in sports. Ruettiger joined the Navy after graduating from High School and spent two years on a communications command ship before spending the next two years working at a power plant. Four years after graduating high school, Rudy went to Holy Cross College for two years as he attempted to get accepted to Notre Dame. After three unsuccessful attempts, Ruettiger was admitted to Notre Dame and he began to try to walk-on to the football team.

Rudy had to prove himself to just make the scout team at Notre Dame, but he did enough to make it. Ruettiger finally got the chance to play in his last game for the Fighting Irish. He only played three snaps, one being a kick-off but on the last play he sacked Georgia Tech’s quarterback and was carried off the field by his teammates.

This incredible story of perseverance was then made into a movie in the 1993 film, Rudy. We offer great memorabilia not only from the popular movie but also of Ruettiger’s actual football career at Notre Dame. These are great pieces of history that are extremely valuable to any collector, especially considering that the autographed memorabilia are certified authentic.

Collecting Rudy Ruettiger Memorabilia

Rudy Ruettiger Autographed Photos: One of the most memorable images in sports is of Rudy Ruettiger being carried off the field by his teammates, and we offer a picture of that event signed by Rudy himself. Along with great photos of Ruettiger at Notre Dame, we offer some photos from the cult classic movie Rudy signed by him as well. Each of these autographed photos is certified authentic.
Rudy Ruettiger Autographed Photos
Rudy Ruettiger Autographed Jerseys: No one has ever done more with a jersey in three plays then Rudy Ruettiger. His No. 45 is a number is always regarded in Fighting Irish lore as his story has become more popular. We have unique Ruettiger signed jerseys that say things like “never quit” and are also signed by Sean Astin, who starred as Rudy in the movie. Each jersey comes with a certificate of authenticity and will look amazing on display.
Rudy Ruettiger Autographed Jerseys
Rudy Ruettiger Autographed Footballs: We have a great selection of footballs signed by Rudy Ruettiger that are sure to become the favorites of any Notre Dame fans collection. These autographed footballs come in unique designs and will look amazing showcased in your home or office. The footballs are guaranteed authentic and are not going to be found in many other places.
Rudy Ruettiger Autographed Footballs
Rudy Ruettiger Autographed Helmets: These classic gold Notre Dame helmets are some of the unique pieces of sports memorabilia that are up for purchase. Not only are they signed by Rudy Ruettiger, but many of them are inscribed with his infamous tunnel speech that became popular from the movie. The helmets are an unbelievable value, as they are certified authentic, and will motivate any of Rudy’s fans that you can do anything.
Rudy Ruettiger Autographed Helmets
Rudy Ruettiger Autographed Mini Helmets: Mini-helmets are a great alternative to the bigger models as they can be more easily displayed and will look incredible for Notre Dame fans. While Rudy Ruettiger can’t inscribe his entire speeches on a mini-helmet, he still puts motivational messages such as “play like a champion” and “never quit” for his fans. Each of these autographed mini-helmets comes with a certificate of authenticity.
Rudy Ruettiger Autographed Mini Helmets

Rudy Ruettiger Memorabilia

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