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About Ozzie Smith Autographed Bats


Osborne Earl Smith, or more known as Ozzie Smith or The Wizard, is one of the American baseball players who played as the shortstop for two teams. Currently, he has already retired as a professional baseball player. He played for the teams San Diego and St. Louis Cardinals, which were spent starting in the year 1978 to 1996. He was called as The Wizard because of his brilliant defense ability. He played for the two MLB team as its shortstop.
His entire career as a professional baseball player was one that was filled with several accomplishments. One of these accomplishments was when he was awarded with the Gold Glove Award, which was given to him for 13 times. He also became an All-Star for 15 times, in which he accumulated stolen bases for 580 times, and made 2,460 hits. Ozzie also won the Silver Slugger Award NL, which was solely because of his excellent hitting shortstop made in 1987.  When 2002 came, he was one of the elected baseball players for the Baseball Hall of Fame.
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