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About Duke Snider Autographed Bats

As 1949 approached the mid year, Duke saw himself at par in comparison with star players and former Hall of Fame entrants, such as Willie Mays and Mickey Mantle. Sources in many tabloids called Duke the “REIGNING DUKE OF FLATBUSH”.  You would now be happy to have a Signed Duke Snider Bat - Hall Of Fame Commemorative when you go adding to your collection of items.
According to many of his close associates, Duke was mostly as a batter for the third line ups and he made some impressive moves while he was on the fields. Scores like a 40 homer in five matches between 1953 and 1957 with an average impressive make of a 42 homer plus a total of 124 RBI’s and 123 runs with a .320 average in batting gave him the rush to achieve more. Take a look at the Autographed Duke Snider Baseball Bat - with "HOF 1980" Inscription and you would know where the action stems from.
 Sources say that he indeed was the man who led the t4eam to make those coveted scores and Duke also made six appearances for post seasons along with the famous Dodgers in the years 1949, then between 1952 and 53’ , then again in between 1955 and 56’ and finally in 1959. During this time he played opposite the New York Yankees for the first five matches and then he played opposite the Chicago White Sox for the final run. It is said that the Dodgers bagged the World Series both in 1955 and then again in the year 1959. You can have a Signed Duke Snider Baseball Bat - Warren Spahn Monte Irvin today.
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