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Most Expensive Michael Jordan Memorabilia Ever Sold

Sports fans can’t get enough of Michael Jordan sports memorabilia, even long after his retirement from the NBA in 2003. Although Michael Jordan signed basketballs and autographed Michael Jordan jerseys are iconic products on the sports memorabilia market, people will purchase just about anything to own a piece of His Airness’ legacy. From minor league baseball jerseys to McDonalds McJordan BBQ sauce to his 1981 high school yearbook, basketball fans have acquired anything that even slightly honors the glory days of Michael Jordan.

Among the oddities that celebrate Jordan’s legendary career, some of the most expensive Michael Jordan memorabilia is quite intriguing. Topping our list of Most Valuable Basketball Memorabilia, Jordan collectibles are a gem within the industry and among the most desired by collectors and fans, so let’s take a look at MJ collectibles with the highest price tags.

Delta Center Basketball Court

Sold for: $1,000,000

Upper Deck purchased the entire hardwood floor upon which Michael Jordan won his final championship for a grand total of $1 million. Although little is known about the aftereffects of their purchase, the esteemed card company owns one of the most significant pieces of MJ’s career.

Basketball Autographed by Michael Jordan & Michael Jackson from the music video “Jam”

Sold for: $294,000

“Jam” may be one of the strangest eight minute long music videos ever produced, but the featured basketball is now a prized possession. With the autographs of two American icons, the Michael Jackson and Michael Jordan signed basketball is an odd but extremely valuable addition to any collection.

Game-Used UNC Jersey

Sold for: $114,000

No college basketball player ever created as much hype as Michael Jordan at UNC, and an actual game-worn jersey from his college days is an incredibly rare find. Despite finding most of his success during his freshman and junior seasons, this game-used jersey from Jordan’s sophomore year is still an amazing piece of basketball history.

1986-1987 Fleer Michael Jordan Rookie Card

Sold for: $100,000

Collectors don’t typically imagine six-figures of value when it comes to trading cards, but a mint-condition Michael Jordan rookie card is no average collectible. Not only are authentic Jordan Rookie cards almost impossible to find, this was the first card to be rated a perfect ten in every category, meaning it was practically untouched by human hands.

1984 Game-Used Rookie Road Uniform

Sold for: $70,500

With noteworthy rookie numbers including 28.2 points, 6.5 rebounds, and 5.9 points per game, Jordan’s first season in the NBA was just the beginning of an unbelievable career. Any memorabilia with substantial history behind it is automatically valuable, but the true worth of this item is the rarity of the Bulls jersey featuring a cursive Chicago logo and the classic short-shorts from the 1980’s.

1984 Game-Used and Autographed Jersey

Sold for: $66,000

Along with many other significant rookie jerseys, this one is suspected to be the very first jersey ever worn by Michael Jordan in an NBA game. The fact that the jersey is from such a huge year in basketball and features an autograph his “very best wishes”, create considerable historic and monetary value.

Backboard and Rim from Michael Jordan’s “Final Shot”

Sold for: $57,000

One of the most infamous plays in the history of basketball is the final shot of Michael Jordan’s epic career. Since removed from the Delta Center, this very basket captured the last ball that would leave MJ’s hands in an official NBA game to win his last championship title.

1984 Game-Worn Rookie Road Uniform

Sold for: $49,937.50

Of the many valuable MJ jerseys on the market, this is one of only two rookie uniforms to be graded a perfect ten for its mint condition. According to auctioneers, the Michael Jordan jersey was worn during the second half of his rookie season when it became clear the NBA had a new star.

Autographed 1992 Olympic Games Jersey

Sold for: $38,187.50

The Dream Team is noted as the greatest basketball team ever assembled with 11 out of 12 players inducted into the Hall of Fame. Leading USA to victory with almost 44 points in every game, Michael Jordan was the star of notorious team, solidifying the value of this iconic piece.

Autographed Game-Used Air Jordan 1s

Sold for: $21,780

Although the 1985 All-Star Game wasn’t one of statistical highlight from his career, the Air Jordan 1s wore by MJ during the game are not any less valuable. The sneakers feature an autographed from the legendary His Airness and commemorate his first of fourteen All-Star Game appearances.