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Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs Manny Pacquiao

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Way of Wade


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Peyton Manning All Time Passing & Wins Record


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 Have you ever heard of the Curse of the Bambino? Almost everyone who knows what baseball is and has gone to at least one game knows. Babe Ruth, although famous for playing for the New York Yankees, was actually part of the Boston Red Sox prior to that. Babe Ruth, who was also known as the Bambino, was sold to then unthreatening New York Yankees in the year 1919. Ever since then the Boston Red Sox has never won the World Series until the year 2004. On the other hand, the New York Yankees went on to win a great slew of World Series titles. The team and its fans have suffered through so many upsets that when it came for their time to win the World Series in 2004, they were not just elated they were on a high. Such kind of achievement after a long period of frustration should be celebrated by purchasing things that symbolize the very essence of that victory. For most people, that is the why a great number of people are looking for souvenirs not just for that particular game but also for the other World Series finals that the Boston Red Sox would later join in and win like in 2007. has an entire list of sports memorabilia listed according to sport and according to major events for your convenience. Most of all, only sells genuine products so you need not worry about having a fake signed baseball bat on your shelf.


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