Fathers Day Gift Guide

Conventional Father's Day gifts, like neck ties and watches, require little thought and are often overplayed, so why not show Dad how much you care with a unique gift this holiday? Authentic sports memorabilia is a Father's Day gift unlike any other. For the dad that has a deep passion for sports, you can't go wrong with a football or baseball signed by his childhood hero. On the other hand, even the casual fan will love a jersey in his team's colors and autographed by his favorite player. Whether your father is the ultimate sports fan or a serious collector, check out our Father's Day gift guide below for the top ten sports gifts for men to find the right gift to make this holiday special.

Best Sports Memorabilia Gifts for Father's Day:

  1. Autographed Photos - Just like you'll never forget your father's support during you greatest moments; signed photos will allow Dad to preserve his favorite sports moments for a lifetime. Create a personalized Father's Day gift with an autographed sports photo and a customized frame for a present that's as meaningful as your relationship.
  2. Signed Baseballs - An autographed baseball makes for a classic gift to any sports fan, but is an even better present for the dad with a longtime love for the major league. A baseball signed by your father's favorite MLB icon, from current star Anthony Rizzo to the legendary Mariano Rivera, is a gift that Dad will always cherish.
  3. Autographed Jerseys - Show dad he'll always be the MVP of your team with a signed sports jersey this Father's Day. There's no better way to thank your father for cheering you on throughout life than with a jersey that features their team's colors to celebrate his favorite player on game day.
  4. Display Cases - Preserve your lifelong relationship with your father and the quality of his prized sports memorabilia with the gift of a top quality display case. For the father that's already a collector, a display case is a thoughtful way to support your dad's hobby while expressing your gratitude for his over the years.
  5. Signed Mini Helmets - Forget the "World's Greatest Dad" mug this year, and give your father something he'll really want to show off at the office by shopping the selection of autographed mini helmets. A signed mini helmet is a practical Father's Day gift that will always bring back fond memories from football season and your childhood.
  6. Autographed Footballs - Prove your loyalty to the man that always stood by your side with a signed football as a Father's Day gift. As one of the most thrilling leagues in professional sports, you can't go wrong with an autographed football in honor of one of the NFL's best players for Father's Day this year.
  7. Autographed Helmets - From the sports fanatic to the office executive, a signed NFL helmet is an excellent gift for every father out there. As a nice display for the home or office, any dad that's an NFL fan will always think of you fondly when he looks at his autographed football.
  8. Signed Hockey Pucks - For the lively dad who's devoted to the NHL, an autographed hockey puck is a Father's Day gift that is sure to excite. A puck with the team logo from your dad's favorite team and a star player's autograph make for a present that will allow him to relive exciting hockey moments this Father's Day.
  9. Autographed Basketballs - Score big with dad this year by giving him a signed basketball that is autographed by his all-time favorite NBA All-Star. Whether you choose a ball signed by a former sports icon, like Magic Johnson, or current star, such as league MVP Stephen Curry, any autographed basketball will please a father that's an NBA enthusiast.
  10. Signed Trading Cards - Trading cards have been one of the most popular sports collectibles on the market for many years and are a timeless gift for dads. Show the love you have for your father is as eternal as the legacy of a Hall of Famer, such as Ted Williams, with a baseball card autographed by his longtime sports hero. 


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